Project X

Project X is one of the most important events on our church calendar. Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, but every year families struggle to provide the memorable Christmas they long to share. As a church we find ourselves called to help fill the gap. Each year we adopt families to help provide them with Christmas. Through the generosity of our church and donations from the area we are able to put presents under the tree, help with bills, fill cupboards, and provide gift cards for everything from gas to get people to and from work to movie theaters for families to share special outings. Contact our Associate Pastor, Dan, for more information.

Serving Areas

Throughout the Year: During the year we need people to brainstorm ways to raise money, help organize, and when the fall comes around nominate families you may know who are in a time of need.

Project X: Project X is a one day ambush of Christ’s love in celebration of His birth. The entire church comes together one Saturday in December and we divide up the families amongst groups, take their lists of wants and needs, and go out shopping in the morning. We all come back together for lunch and to wrap presents in the afternoon, delivering all the presents that day to families in need. We come together in the evening, inviting all the families we served during the day, to share a meal and connect over this important Christmas celebration.

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