Shawn Whitworth

Lead Pastor

Why are you at The Mission Church?

I feel incredibly humbled and blessed to play a role in the ministry of The Mission Church and to partner with such great people. There’s a huge need to create a safe place for people to ask honest questions about God. We’re here to reach people far from God and teach them what it means to be a follower of Christ.

What do you love about Appleton?

What makes ministering in Appleton so unique is the diversity. There is a real passion for people in this community. I’m always amazed at the different ways in which this community links arms in an effort to help those in need. The fact that The Mission gets to play a role in helping others is awesome. Ultimately, Christ will build the church; I just play a part in it.

Tell us about your passions/hobbies/family.

My favorite role is husband to my amazing wife Denise and dad to three wonderful kids; Morgan, Isaiah, and Avery. When I’m not with the family or at church I can be seen competing in the occasional triathlon.

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