Josh McDonald

Pastor of Community and Discipleship

Why are you at The Mission Church?
A safe place to explore your faith – this is a unique description in our modern world and it rings true at Mission. The church welcomes everyone with the doors wide open and invites them to hear biblical preaching in a loving, inviting environment. This community lives what it preaches, reaching out to those in need and calling every member to live out their faith in service and relationship. Mission has been there for my family through some difficult times and transitional periods over the last few years, and I’m honored to now be serving on staff.

What do you love about Appleton?
This town never ceases to surprise me. From the Christmas parade to the Mile of Music to the simple charm of the neighborhoods, there’s just enough comfort to be home, and just enough adventure to keep me guessing. The best decision of my life was marrying an Appleton girl, and I had to bring her back home. I’m glad I did.

Tell us about your passions/hobbies/family.
My Appleton girl is Heather, an art therapist whose beauty is matched only by her amazing soul. God gifted us with three dynamic, creative, loving, and unstoppable children: Eugene, Elsa, Isabelle. When I used to have free time, I spent it writing novels no one would publish and making podcasts some people listened to. Now to relax, I watch Netflix with my girl, go for aimless drives in the country, and play whatever game my kids tell me to.

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