Life Groups

What Are Life Groups?

All of us desire to have lasting friendships. Life Groups are designed to build meaningful friendships with others and God. Life Groups are a vital way to experience the belonging and community our hearts crave.

Wherever you are at in your journey with God, you are welcome here.

What can I Expect?

Life Groups have 4 Essential Priorities to creating meaningful spiritual friendship.

Personal Belonging

Acceptance of everyone - strengths and weaknesses

Spiritual Curiosity

Discovering each person’s story, passions, and spiritual journey

Godly Mindfulness

Intentional mindfulness about God’s role in each person’s life

Respectful Commitment

Commitment to the group – friendship doesn’t happen accidentally.

How Do I Find the Right Life Group for Me?

We try to stay away unnecessary divisions. No group is strictly for “married” or “singles” | “parents” or “non-parents” | “older” or “younger.” You will find a healthy mix of all ages and stages of life in each group.

You will discover that each Life Group has its own personality. Try out different Life Groups until you find the right fit for you!

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