Join the Sunday Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team at The Mission Church is our way of making everyone who comes through the door feel welcomed. This area is a great way to get connected and make the church feel like home.

Serving Areas

Cafe Team: It may appear on the surface that the Cafe Team pours coffee and serves donuts, but they have a more important job. The Cafe Team learns names, discovers stories, and truly connects and loves people. Serving at least once a month for first or second service.

Door GreetersThe greeting team is responsible for warmly greeting everyone who walks through our doors. Being a door greeter has you smiling, laughing, and serving once a month for first or second service.

Connection Team: The connection team is really who we gets people to feel “at home.” The team answers questions and connects people to all church events. The connection team gets to know people serving once a month after first and second service.

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