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Class Descriptions:

PEE WEE: Pee-wee campers are kids 3-5 years old, but not yet starting kindergarten. They will get to experience a variety of art types! Just choose “PEE WEE” when registering.

FOOD ART: Create it and eat it! Your favorites will be in the Art Show on 8/13. Grades K-2nd.

ART EXPLORER: Stamping, painting and clay to name a few! Like to do lots of kinds of things? Then ART EXPLORER is for you! Your art will be on display at the art show 8/13. Grades K-2nd.

RECYCLED/REPURPOSED: What can you create out of a toilet paper tube or a water bottle? fun projects await you! Your art will be on display at the art show 8/13.
Grades K-2nd.

STORY ART: 1st listen to an awesome story and then get creative! Painting, stamping, and acting out the story of the day. Your art will be on display at the art show 8/13. Grades K-2nd.

HIP-HOP DANCE: Learn hip-hop moves and a routine. Show off what you learned at the Art Show on 8/13. Grades K-6th.

WOODWORK: Learn the basics of constructing things from wood. Create several projects to take home & display at the art show on 8/13. Grades K-6th.

PAPER CRAFT: What awesome things can you make with paper? Cards, magazine art and party decorations for starters! Join this fun NEW class for 2021! Grades 2nd-3rd.

STOMP: Using things like garbage cans, buckets and brooms, put together a band to make awesome music together! You will be performing a Broadway type performance on 8/13. Grades 2nd-6th.

FULL STEAM AHEAD: Are you an “out of the box” thinker?  Do you love to problem solve and create?  Then this is the class for you!  We are looking to recruit a vigorous and excited group of innovators to delve into the world of Rube Goldberg!  Kind of like the Dr. Suess of the STEAM world (science, technology, engineering, art and math), Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist known for creating/drawing elaborate, and often goofy, machines that accomplished simple tasks in way “over the top” ways.  In this class, we will step into the shoes of this creative thinker, and create inventions of our own!  Grades 3rd-6th.

JEWELRY: Explore different materials and learn basic jewelry making skills. Jewelry will be on display in the Art Show on 8/13. Grades 3rd-6th.

VISUAL ART: We are going to have fun exploring different ways to draw and paint that other artists have tried. Learn to shade to bring shapes to life and color to make them pop. Your art will be on display at the Art Show on 8/13. Grades 4th-6th.

SEWING: Learn the basics of sewing and then create your own “one of a kind” creation. It will be on display in the Art Show on 8/13. Grades 4th-6th.

CAKE DECORATING: Learn the basics of cake design, including decorating with fondant. Your cakes will be on display at the Art Show 8/13. Grades 4th-6th.

4KEEPS: Create one-of-a-kind treasures to keep or give to someone special. Sand Art, Glass Art and Decoupage plus more! Grades 4th-6th.

MUSICAL THEATRE: Musical Theatre brings together multiple art forms: singing, dancing and building/creating! Join us as we put on a mini musical for the very first time in Arts Camp! No experience necessary! Anyone can be a musical star when they give their gifts to God! Grades 3rd-6th.

Arts Camp FAQs

Where is Arts Camp held?
Arts Camp takes place mainly at Mission Church and First English Lutheran Church (just off of City Park). During the morning, K-6th grade campers may go with their group to another location within a block of the church.

Are there any Covid precautions or other safety measures in place?
At Arts Camp, safety and security have always been very important to us. This year, we want to maintain our high standard of security along with Covid health measures in place. Our team also seeks to honor the distancing requests of our neighboring facilities that offer us such wonderful hospitality. We pray that these procedures will allow your campers to have a memorable AND safe experience!
–Masks will be required for all volunteers and children while indoors. (Subject to change based on recommendations for our area.)
–Class sizes will be smaller with children placed in pods throughout the week.
–Outdoor time will be maximized.
–Wristband check-out procedure will be in place, like in previous years.
–Pick up and drop off will look differently this year to help increase the distancing of families.
Once registered, please watch for instructional emails as we get closer.
Thanks to everyone for your cooperation and patience as we prayerfully create systems and procedures with many considerations to hold!

How will registration, drop off, and pick up work this year?
We value your time and our commitment to security. Our team works hard to create logistical solutions that keep us all safe and make the process smooth for all. Due to Covid distancing measures and our two locations, we are still working out the details. Registered campers will receive all the information they need the week prior to camp concerning drop off and pick up. So stay tuned!

Our family is not quite ready to do in-person camp. Are there any other options?
Yes! On the registration form, there is an option for “Arts Camp – AT HOME.” Choose the number of campers you have and we’ll prepare packs for you to be picked up the week of camp.

My child is going into 7th grade and is so sad that they missed camp last year! Can they participate?
Yes! Just register for any class as you would a 6th grader.

Where and when is the Art Show this year?
Arts Camp will celebrate the week with an art show on Friday, August 13th at 6:30pm. This will be held at the Greenville Lions Park. There will be a free shuttle service available to and from the church. We anticipate that most campers will attend to proudly display their creations for their friends and families! If you are unable to attend, please mark it on the registration so we can make accommodations for the performances and/or their artwork.

What is the typical schedule each day?
All campers begin with time to work on their art with their class at 9AM. Then there is large group time which includes worship, Bible teaching, and a featured artist of the day. They then return to their classrooms for more art work. There is also an active game time, snack, and ending large group worship. Each day ends at 12PM.

My child will be absent for more than one class, but they still want to attend?
Many projects build upon each other each day, producing a final work/performance. If you know you will be gone for more than one class, please contact Janelle Hoekman-Stanelle at [email protected] She will help get your child to a class that will work for them.

What age group is my child in?
Register your child using the grade they are entering in Fall 2021.

My child has specific needs, how can I communicate to the leaders about that?
There is a space to share this on the registration. If your child requires one on one assistance, we do ask that you coordinate an aid to be with them throughout the week. If you’d like to talk with someone further, contact Jody at [email protected]

When does registration end?
The final day for advanced online registration is August 2nd.

Do you have walk-in registrations?
Yes! Plan to arrive by 8:45am to get registered on time before camp starts. Walk-ins will go to the classes that have current openings.

What foods are offered and what should I do if my child has allergies?
Note any allergies in the applicable section on the registration form. Because we depend on donations for snack and lunch, we cannot guarantee allergy-free options for your child. We ask that you plan to pack a snack for your child each day. Lunch is picked up on the way out, so you will be able to look it over. If you have any questions, please contact Jody at [email protected]

Do you need volunteers?
YES! We always need extra hands for a variety of tasks (no art skills required). If interested, contact Jody at [email protected]

What about other details pertaining to my child’s group?
One week prior, campers will receive an email that will include information about pick up, drop off, things to bring or wear, as well as other details about the week.

Other questions?
Contact Janelle for registration questions at [email protected]
Contact Jody for all other questions at [email protected]

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