arts camp classes

Entering Kindergarten-entering 6th grade will choose one area of the arts they want to learn:

Stomp: Using things like garbage cans, buckets and brooms, put together a band to make awesome music together! You will be performing a Broadway type performance on 8/20 at both services. Grades K-6th.

Hip-hop Dance: Learn hip-hop moves and a routine. Show off what you learned on 8/20 (both services). Grades K-6th.

Jazz Dance: Learn jazz dance moves and work on a dance routine. will be performing on stage on 8/20 (both services). Grades K-6th.

Visual Arts: Painting, and working with other various media! your projects will be on display at the art show 8/20. Grades K-6th.

Dramatic Arts: Explore your creative story telling side. We will learn some basics and go on to create stories and skits including speaking and non-speaking methods. Plan on going “live” on 8/ 20 (both services). Grades K-6th.

Sewing: Learn the basics of sewing and then create your own “one of a kind” creation. It will be on display in the Art Show on 8/20. Grades 3rd-6th. Sorry, this class is full!

Jewelry: Explore different materials and learn basic jewelry making skills. Jewelry will be on display in the Art Show on 8/20. Grades 3rd-6th. Sorry, this class is full!

Woodwork: Learn the basics of constructing things from wood. Create several projects to take home & display at the art show on 8/20. Grades K-6th. Sorry, this class is full!

Cake Decorating: Learn the basics of cake design, including decorating with fondant. your cakes will be on display at the art show 8/20. Grades 3rd-6th. Sorry, this class is full!

Food Art: Create it and eat it! Learn about food presentation---your favorites will be in the Art Show on 8/20. Grades K-2nd. Sorry, this class is full!

3-5 year old (Pee Wee) campers will have a sampling of all the areas!

the basics

AGES: 3 years through completed 5th grade

WHEN: August 14-18 with an art show on Sunday, August 20 (during 9:00 and 10:30 services)

TIME: 9:00am - 12:00pm

COST: None

WHERE: The Mission Church 314 N Appleton St Appleton WI

WHAT: Discover a new talent or grow in one you already love!

Sack lunches available for all campers!

The sooner you get signed up the better your chance of getting your first choice!

Questions? Contact Jody


What is the typical schedule each day? 

All campers begin with time to work on their art with their class. Then there is large group time which includes worship, Bible teaching, and a featured artist of the day. They then return to their classrooms for more art work. There is also an active game time, snack, and ending large group worship.

My child will be absent for more than one class, can they still attend?

Many projects build upon each other each day, producing a final work/performance. If you know you will be gone for more than one class, please contact Janelle Hoekman-Stanelle at She will help get your child to a class that will work for them. We do ask that your child attends at least 3 of the 5 days.

What age group is my child in?

Register your child using the grade they are entering in Fall 2017.

My child has specific needs, how can I communicate to the leaders about that? 

There is a space to share this on the registration. If you’d like to talk with someone further, contact Jody at

When does online registration end?

The final day for online registration is August 6th. 

Do you have walk-in registrations? 

Yes! Plan to arrive by 8:45am to get registered on time for it to start. (Walk-ins will go to the classes that have current openings.)

What foods are offered and what should I do if my child has allergies?

Note any allergies in the applicable section on the registration form. We strive for healthy options, but also depend on donations for snack and lunch. A more complete list will be available a few days prior to Arts Camp. If you have any questions, please contact Jody at

Do you need volunteers?

YES! We always need extra hands for a variety of tasks (no art skills required). We are also collecting food items for snacks and lunch. If interested, contact Jody at

What about other details pertaining to my child’s group?

One week prior, campers will receive an email that will include information about pick up, drop off, things to bring or wear, as well as other details about the week. Stay tuned!

Other questions?

Contact Janelle for registration questions at Contact Jody for all other questions at 

The Mission Church

314 N. Appleton St

Appleton, WI